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    February 04, 2009


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    Lynn Smythe

    Hello David,

    Thanks for visiting the Run Diva site.

    I was searching for Brooks ID on Google. I found a few personal blogs, where someone posted up all the details of the program. There are 3 levels of sponsorship: blue, red, white. I don't think we are supposed to mention the details of our specific sponsorship level. I have a red level sponsorship. If you've been offered a sponsorship in the Brooks ID Program, they would have sent you all the details in the email.

    Take care,
    Lynn Smythe AKA the Run Diva

    David Barker


    I am also a member of Brooks ID. How did you find out about the levels and which one you are in?

    I'm guessing if my email didn't say anything, i'm the low level?


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